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Prep Sessions before a mission. What are they?

Our volunteers note how smooth things go on mission day. But it's not without dedicated planning to that success! Prep sessions are one component of our planning process. Some families express hesitation with decision making when it comes to getting rid of clutter. Naturally, they struggle doing it themselves and that's why we're here. On our mission day, we have a limited amount of time with our volunteer team. To ensure our families are not overwhelmed by the amount of decisions, we hold Prep Sessions to work with the Mom/Family members one on one. During this session, we will tackle a small area and work through the decisions as a team. We will map out the house and make sure we are prioritizing the spaces and have a list of tasks for each room. These missions get busy - the more work we put in ahead of time, the more time our volunteers can spend on priority tasks.

Prep sessions are integral to success for some families.

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