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What We Do

Our mission is to improve mental health outcomes for struggling Moms and families by transforming cluttered homes and creating functional spaces to meet the unique needs of each family.


We work with Moms who are experiencing stressful challenges in their lives that are impacting their ability to keep up with the needs of their family and home. The clients we work with receive a full-range of services. This includes a unique needs assessment, individual plan for resetting the home environment and resources for mental health services.​

We strive to meet the following outcomes through our program:

  • Support emotional needs to address the "why" behind clutter and disarray

  • Foster positive and connected relationships within the home 

  • Implement healthy habits to establish and maintain a clutter-free environment 

  • Create lasting connections to a healthy and supportive community, our "Village"


Young Mother with Children

Who We Serve

Mothers with Children at Home

New Mothers

Mothers with grown children

Bereaved Mothers 

Foster Moms 

Step-Moms & blended families


Children and Spouses are an important component to our outreach. We focus on all members of the family.

Special Needs Individuals

We are proud to partner with community organizations to improve conditions for special needs family members.

Our Services

Image by Manji So


"Whole Person" Care

We partner with community resources that address the "Why" behind clutter and mess. You matter. We work to improve your daily life outside of our missions.


Home Transformation

Your home is the focal point of our volunteer missions. We declutter, organize and clean your home with our team. Where needed, we furnish, decorate & transform spaces to optimize your living environment.


System Solutions

Often times the areas in your home need a tailored solution. Whether it's a playroom for an autistic child, or a laundry method that works - we've got you covered. We design solutions that work best for your family.

Putting your needs, first.

We understand that each person in your home has a unique way they process clutter and organization. Whether you or your child are neurodivergent or diagnosed with special needs or developmental disabilities - we are planning around you. We work with community experts in the fields of Autism & neurodivergent behaviors to learn best practices. We are passionate about creating a system that works for you and your family. 
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Sensory Bags
Educational Resources and Training

Mission 8 Family

"They had no idea how dark of a pit we had gone into, and there were these hands reaching down to help. I didn't know who's hands they were or who these people were. It was like in that moment God said you called, so I answered. We seriously could not have done it without them and forever grateful for their help."

Mission 3 Family

"You made our house welcoming, open and functional again. Every space you touched had it's own challenges and requirements. You gave them each careful consideration and forethought while making us feel included and heard throughout the project and visits. It is like hitting a reset button on these spaces. Getting past how we got to that point and not knowing where to start with fixing it felt impossible without someone to help." 

Mission 6 Family

"The time you all sacrificed to help a stranger has had an immense impact on our quality of life! Being a single mother to a toddler and living in such a small space has had its challenges to say the least, but the overhaul performed by your team of incredible volunteers has left us with a home that feels so much more comfortable and safe for my little girl." 
Image by Annie Spratt

Geographic Locations


  • Fairway

  • Gardner

  • Edgerton

  • Kansas City

  • Leawood

  • Lenexa

  • Mission

  • Olathe

  • Overland Park

  • Paola

  • Prairie Village

  • Shawnee

  • Shawnee Mission

  • Spring Hill

  • Stanley


  • Belton

  • Grandview

  • Kansas City

  • Lees Summit

  • Liberty

  • Raytown

*We are open to serving additional areas. Please contact us if you are in the KC Metro area and outside of our geographic range. 

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