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Our biggest mission yet...

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

We continue to surprise ourselves with what we are capable of. We handled 18 volunteers for an 8-hour mission. We arrived an hour early for set up & unloaded 200 donuts! Lamar's gave us a few to many - Eeks!

The volunteers started pouring in. We began with our huddle where we identified our return volunteers who are our mini- experts sprinkled throughout the house!

We broke off and started working on the garage, bedrooms, basement, craft room and laundry room. One of the unique things we did this mission involved creating a "Family Closet" because this family likes to keep their clean clothes in the basement. The concept is several dressers next to the washer/dryer for easy access, then Mom brings up outfits for each kiddo each week.

We went over our scheduled time - finishing at 5:40. We are so thankful for the people who stayed late to make the final product beautiful.

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