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Unconventional Designs for Autism

Now that we have been operating for nearly 1 year, we have a pretty good idea of what kinds of families are applying for help. Astoundingly, 45% of our applicants have a special needs child! Hindsight, that makes sense - when you have a high demand family member you don't exactly have time to take care of the house.

So now what? Our team is by no means experts in Autism.

Thats where Autism Friendly Homes comes in to play. We are consulting with an amazing woman named Natalie Castro out of Utah to help us design spaces that make sense. We are focusing on sensory disorders & functionality.

Creating tailored impacts is imperative. One of our recent missions had an autistic child who preferred to sleep under the stairs and had challenges with eloping. Creating a safe space for this child was a top priority for the family.

So what did we do? Make a legit under-stairs bedroom of course!

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