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Social Media Content Creator

Kansas City, MO, USA

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

Social Media is one of the best tools we have to connect with donors, volunteers, prospective partners and companies. Our content is the face of who All For Moms really is.

We are looking for a TikTok, Instagram and Facebook savvy individual who has an eye for trends & content ideas. You will be taking video, pictures and editing content to create powerful social media messages to communicate the All For Moms message. You may be given raw clips or capture the videos yourself - both will happen in this role! The purpose of your task may be for an upcoming event, general marketing or a Mission-day video. The ideas are endless! We need your help to communicate our vision and bring our message to life.


  • Warm, friendly energy

  • Know how to create TikTok videos, use CapCut or other editing software

  • Know how to post and go-live on Facebook, Instagram

  • Knowledge of Meta Suite (marketing and ads) is great but not required

About the Company

Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve mental health outcomes for struggling Moms and families by transforming cluttered homes and creating functional spaces to meet the unique needs of each family.

We work with Moms who are experiencing stressful challenges in their lives that are impacting their ability to keep up with the needs of their family and home. The clients we work with receive a full-range of services. This includes a unique needs assessment, individual plan for resetting the home environment and resources for mental health services.​

We strive to meet the following outcomes through our program:
--Support emotional needs to address the "why" behind clutter and disarray
--Foster positive and connected relationships within the home
--Implement healthy habits to establish and maintain a clutter-free environment
--Create lasting connections to a healthy and supportive community, our "Village"

Vision: To live in a culture and society that has people to lean on in times of need.

Values: Inclusivity, Teamwork, Compassion, Integrity, Community

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a public charity status of 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi). Our organization was established in June of 2022 and received charity status in January of 2023. We are an emerging charity with a desire for growth and expansion. As of today, we are 100% volunteer-led.

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